Only KPI.Build™ applications help you eliminate costly delays and avoid cost overruns on large capital projects with Constant Project Reconciliation

What’s the Cost (Value) of One Day of Construction?

  • 7 out of 10 major projects finish significantly later than planned
  • 3 out of 5 projects finish 20% or more over budget
  • Unanticipated costs can soar into the millions
  • Return on Capital Investment is eroded

KPI-Intercon LogoAt KP Intercon™ (KPI™), we understand the complexity of major capital projects (e.g., large power plants, chemical plants, industrial/process plants) and how mismanagement of a single factor (e.g., inadequate personnel or equipment) for a single day can cost hundreds of thousands, to well over a million dollars.

Delays in receiving timely, accurate project information compound delays in taking corrective action. The KPI.Build™ Solution can eliminate delays and avoid cost overruns through Constant Project Reconciliation™ – our process delivers in-the-field real-time feedback on a daily (not monthly!) basis, allowing project managers to take immediate corrective action before small issues compound. The KPI Build™ Solution is the ONLY application suite designed to identify and eliminate delays, and avoid cost overruns, through Constant Project Reconciliation


KPI Civil

Pre-populated with Rules of Credit for 10 different concrete pour types. Easily adjusted these can be added to or modified.


KPI Mechanical

Specific work steps for 7 different equipment types. Includes specific identification and measurement of internals as well as ladders and platforms.


KPI Pipe

Automatic adjustment of Rules of Credit; Test packages can be created in the field, including required records and approvals. Track welds by Welder and Machine.



Easy completion recording and uploading of required quality documents. Calibration reports, megger tests, loop check folders, etc. are easily captured.


KPI Daily

Capture daily labor and equipment utilization by area, work package, cost codes (YOURS), etc. Pre-defined or customized cost codes for productive and non-productive time; daily assessments of productivity and performance.

All APPs can be easily tailored to meet your specific company practices or desires.

Project Rework Cycle (courtesy of: PA Consulting Group)